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It’s time we looked at corporate values from a new perspective. Let’s push past the fact that still today, many business have values more for marketing purposes than actual decision making filters that guide behaviour. Yes, that’s a key purpose to VALUES, empowering your teams to make smarter decisions and understand how we want to think […]

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It has become self-evident that AUTOMATION and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE will go a long way to driving efficiencies and increasing the ability to scale business. Yet this strikes fear into many employees…and leaders. The question is… Should we fear technology replacing humans in business or embrace it and empower humans for more meaningful work? There are two schools of thought. […]

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Bentleys C-Suite Evening

Dave Clare will be speaking at an intimate evening with 15 selected C-Suite executives on Hacking Culture & Strategy on March 27th 2019 Bentleys is an international network of advisory and accounting firms, with 700 talented staff delivering solutions from 18 locations across Australia, New Zealand and China. We work with aspirational businesses and entrepreneurial […]

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Purpose to Profits Tour 2019

CEO, Business Leaders & Owners are focused on execution and seeing results. Employees are focused on meaningful work and feeling empowered.  What if you could build a business that met the needs of employers and employees from purpose to profit?  “These events give business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs the tools, resources and process to go from […]

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Recruitment Yarns Tour 2019

Recruitment Yarns is a new style “casual” conference, designed for owners & leaders of boutique and medium sized recruitment agencies and their staff. After being rated as one of the top speakers on the 2018 tour, Dave Clare will be our Keynote Speaker in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and West Sydney. He will also be MC’ing […]

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