Leadership is broken and the concept of Human Resources is part of the problem, not the solution. Sorry HR people 🙁 what follows is a bit of a rant.

There are more factors in the landscape than these, I know…. but let’s summarize just a few points. We are spending billions of dollars on developing leaders, yet disengagement is increasing. Even leaders are becoming disengaged. We have the disengaged leading the disengaged! WTF? We have a significant shift in generations within the workforce happening…yet organisations continue to lead the same old way, with the same old structures and expect things to improve? Isn’t their some saying about that being the definition of insanity?

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you have always gotten. Therefore the definition of insanity must be doing the same thing over and over and expecting a new result! – Quoted said by many people

Global Human Capital Trend Report suggests that “Culture & Engagement, Leadership & Development have become urgent priorities” We need to measure, manage & improve employee engagement. This is the No.1 key finding.

The surveys also stated:

So why are we still having these problems and seemingly not seeing any significant improvement? Why is it the end of an era for the concept of Human Resources?

Because people should never be treated like a friggin resource to start with!

A resource is a “means to an end.” Who wants to be referred to or treated like a resource? Hmm? Lemme think for a minute…perhaps that could be part of the problem?

Who gets up in the morning and proclaims: “Gee I can’t wait to get to work today and make my boss rich!”

One of the finest people I know in HR is looking for a new title for her role (she gets it!). She shared this quote with me:

“It helps not to call people HUMAN RESOURCES. They’re people. And, as it turns out, people like to be treated like people. Go figure.” – Dharmesh Shah, Founder HubSpot

Beyond that, here’s why it doesn’t work anymore…

The basic fundamental difference between leadership and management is:

You lead people. You manage resources.

Why are we still treating people like a resource? We refer to our people as the greatest asset of our businesses (I know I was guilty for that too). We refer to them as capital (another corporate word for resource). We have structures that limit people by rigidly defining roles and limited connection to meaning or purpose. This is not what the next generation is looking for.

I’ll say it again “You lead people. You manage resources.” 

It’s time to end “Human Resources” as a concept. Nobody wants to be thought of as a resource.

  • Resources are something you use.
  • Resources are a means to an end.
  • Resources are replenished when they run out.

Do you want to be used, run out or considered a means to an end? Let me sign up for that job said no #millennial ever! It’s the #endofanera

“If you want things to change, change the way you look at things”  – Author Unknown

Let’s look at people as more than a resource, asset or capital. Let’s look at something like: People & Culture Leader? People & Performance Manager? Culture Performance Manager/Leader? Anything that doesn’t diminish the human spirit or potential!

Now, who thinks I can get all the “Human Resource Institutes” and Human Resource Associations” to lead the way into the future and change their names?

Dave Clare, Prophet for Purpose.

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