I have often heard leaders say “Trail-blazers end up with arrows in their backs!” This is probably true, but I like to say it like this:

“Trail-blazers may end up with arrows in their backs, but they get the trail named after them!” a Clarism

Look at the header picture of this article.

Is this why Uber upset the Taxi world? Is this why AirBNB upset the accommodation world? Is this why Netflix killed the Video store?

Uber, AirBnB and Netflix (plus many more) all have arrows in their backs from their competitors because they decided to blaze a new trail. Now they’ve got the trails named after them. Everyone wants to be “the next Uber” or “the next AirBnb”.

Why did these companies succeed when the others who were leading those industries got (or are getting) left behind?


Human beings are creatures of habit. To disrupt an industry follow the heart of human behaviour. Listen to the frustrations humans have with “the ways things is”.

While the “Internet of things” is changing virtually every industry and consumer behaviour is changing too. Power to the people! People want it their way, not yours. The internet is now making it more obvious that there can be other ways to meet the needs in most cases.

“Isness is the death of your business!” a Clarism.


When you focus on purpose first, it gives you the decision making tools to effect change instead of being affected by change. Purpose gives you the power to lead disruption and/or innovate.

When you focus on profit first you make your decision on your needs (short game) not your clients or the markets (long game) and you will lose.

Taxi companies didn’t create Uber because they might make less money per ride. How much less are they making now? More people are “riding” in Ubers and Taxis than before. Uber hasn’t just stolen a big chunk of the existing market, they have expanded it. Easier and more affordable transportation for all.

“Become the prophet of your purpose and you will profit from your purpose” Dave Clare, Prophet for Purpose

Who is going to blaze a new trail in your industry? You, the industry leader?

Or two people letting three other people rent a room and sleep on air mattresses in San Francisco to help cover their rent?

Or two people on a snowy Paris evening who had trouble hailing a cab?

Or two people who got frustrated from being charged $40 from Blockbuster for returning Apollo 13 late?

It probably won’t even be your current competitors. It will most likely be two consumers who are tired of waiting for you to give them what they want.

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Dave Clare, the Prophet for Purpose.

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