Public Speaking

To captivate your audience requires a speaker to be inspirational. You will want them to be able to connect with each attendee as if it was an intimate one on one relationship regardless of the size of the room. As a master of communication you will find that I easily can convey passion, purpose and meaning to my presentations and key notes.

As an inspirational public speaker I simplify the message for you and ensure that I focus on your desired audience’s outcomes and tailor my presentation accordingly. It is my role as your speaker to simplify the complexities of life and business and draw from my vast personal, organisational and/or leadership success. Having traveled extensively, I have lived in 3 different countries around the world and held numerous levels of organisational responsibilities and run my own business. Having gone through the highs and lows of life and business, I have always gotten back up and achieved and grown through the adversity. Your audience will benefit from this multifaceted experience that is combined with my very natural and fun style of outstanding communication as your speaker.

As your inspirational speaker, I understand it is often a major part of my role to set, maintain or wrap up the scene and tone of your conference or event.

Fortunately I have had the opportunity to speak at various industry and organisational conferences, road shows, functions and events in Hawaii USA, Perth Western Australia and all across Canada.