The WHY is the WAY

With a big enough WHY, you will find the WAY

It’s like magic, but it’s really science. It has been proven over and over again that if you have a big enough WHY, you will always find a way. As they say, “the how to will come”.

You know what I am talking about right? Have you ever wanted something so bad, but had no clue initially of how to get it, yet you still managed to make it a reality? You just started taking action and things came together, stuff started happening, actionable ideas popped into your mind, you started seeing things, hearing things that you didn’t before and you found a way.

Let me assure you, much like the fable of Socrates and his young apprentice, I assure you if I dunked your head under water and attempted to hold it there, you would use your innate sense of survival and find a way to get free to breathe again (or you would die trying!) because you wanted oxygen so desperately as your life depends on it. When you want something or want to be something as bad as you want air to breathe, you will find a way. You shall have it.

What if I told you though, you don’t have to want it that bad (although it sure helps) if you understand the science of your brain and how it can work for you?

When you set your mind on something and you truly know WHY you want it, WHY it is important to you at the deepest emotional level, you ignite parts of your brain into action. To get to the real WHY, ask yourself the following questions until you are so emotionally charged or moved, then just take action and watch the magic happen!

So if you want to get started, read on…if not I’ll catch ya on the next post!

Use this questioning process to discover your true WHY. Remember to write down every answer before moving to the next question!


Why do I want this or to be this?

Why do I want that or why is that important to me?

Why do I want that or why is that important to me?

Why do I want that or why is that important to me?

Why do I want that or why is that important to me?

Why do I want that or why is that important to me?

Why do I want that or why is that important to me?

Each time you dig deeper you should reach a higher sense of emotional connection to what you want. When I work with my clients, rarely do we even get close to the real WHY before the sixth time we ask WHY (this is how I have earnt the reputation for being a WHY’s Guy). Once you get to the sixth why or more you might be getting close to the truth…or realize that you don’t really want it that bad.

Your brain is a goal-seeking and achieving machine. Unfortunately we clog it up with a lot of crap (that’s another story for another time). Working on the premise that you do want it, and you have worked out a very deep sense of WHY at an emotional level, your brain will give you all the creativity and energy you need to realize your WHY! So if you want to believe in the magic of the “Law of Attraction” and how we manifest all we need into our lives, stop reading this and get on with realizing whatever it is you truly desire to have or be!

However, if you want to understand the science please keep on reading on!


C (Conscious)

This is the openly active and sometimes called the “voluntary” part of your brain. The bit we use to make choices when we are awake or “conscious”. So this is where you can make “Conscious decisions” on what you want or who you want to be. It is also the gate-keeper of all things that enter your mind by design or default and circumstance that then compares these to “what you know to be true” in your sub-conscious mind.

SC (Sub-Conscious)

Automatic things like breathing and making your heart beat without “consciously thinking about it” is a key function of the SC. It is also like your computers hard drive, where everything is stored. Your picture of you and your life are backed-up in this part of your brain. This is where all your self-image is framed within your comfort zone (values, beliefs, fear, doubt, worry etc). The cool part is your sub-conscious brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or perceived to be real…it just records and stores what you allow in. So to be do or have what you want, you are going to need to shift this picture of you.

RAS (Reticular Activating System)

Now your brain is emotionally engaged and firing on all cylinders, your RAS, which is like your antennas, is going to alert you to anything that is a threat or of value to you achieving your WHY. It doesn’t judge whether what you want is real or perceived, it just works on the power or level of belief you create, so it believes whatever message you give it. This is why it is so important to have an emotionally charged WHY, because when you believe it and feel it with every fiber of your being your senses will be equally on fire! You will see things and here things you never heard before, although they may be have been right in front of you all this time…they just didn’t have the same level of significance until now!

CSC (Creative Sub-Conscious)

Then as you continue to visualize and affirm your highly charged WHY and make it the dominant picture in your head, your CSC will kick into gear. The CSC’s job is to keep you sane, so ultimately its job is to make your pictures match. It will always give you all the creativity and energy to move you towards the dominant picture you hold in your sub-conscious mind and make your pictures match again. So making sure you continue to visualize and affirm your WHY of the new you or thing you want will keep the creativity channeled in the right direction!

So seek to find your why at a very deep level. Then every day visualise it, affirm it. Then watch the magical science happen as your brain does its thing!

Finally, always remember this:

Spaced-repetition is the mother of all skill

You are a goal seeking and accomplishing machine…on purpose.


Dave Clare, Prophet for Purpose

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