The Prophecy

PURPOSE: What drives me?

Create & Inspire purpose-driven leaders.
“If you become the prophet of your purpose, so you will profit from your purpose” a Clarism.

VALUES: What guides me?


Being true, genuine and real


Making it easy to understand


Finding or creating enjoyment


Challenging the status quo


Understanding why.

VISION: What inspires me?

I see a world where business is lead on purpose

My Mantra

I will shine my bright light upon the world and make no apologies for my enthusiasm or confidence as I inspire others to lead business with a higher purpose than money. Willingly I flaunt myself, laugh and explore on purpose. I am daring and will push limits and boundaries and be free from fear.

I take time to let my hair down and live a little

I am connected to my source, my aspirations and this earth…on purpose.