Dane Groeneveld - We Are Overdoing Work

Season #1

Dane Groeneveld - We Are Overdoing Work

Dane Groeneveld shares his background and experience in the industry, including co-designing innovative leadership teams and organizational solutions across over 50 countries.

When asked what drives his passion for the future of teamwork, Dane reflects on his experiences being on both great and poor teams. This led him to question what makes a team great and how we can have more great teams. A pivotal experience for Dane was a project he worked on in Papua New Guinea, where he had to work across diverse teams in a hectic environment. This opened his eyes to what was working well and what could be improved when it comes to teams.

Dane emphasizes the importance of listening to employees to foster a culture of curiosity and innovation. Leaders must overcome their own conditioning to become curious and open to new ideas. Storytelling is also highlighted as an effective way to build cultural norms and values. Distributed leadership models are discussed, with Dane advocating for teamwork and collaboration over hierarchy. Younger generations naturally bring broader perspectives that organizations should recognize.

Dane envisions future workplaces resembling college campuses with shared resources and entrepreneurship. Belonging and integrating all aspects of life will be important for employees.

Show Highlights:

0:02:11 - What drives your passion for this future of teamwork?

0:06:28 - Was there a pivotal moment or experience that shaped your approach to leadership and work and culture?

0:11:09 - What do you see is the biggest challenge for leaders who are trying to evolve their workplace culture?

0:17:04 - Can you give us some insight on distributed leadership and how that relates to the evolving world of work?

0:24:06 - How do you envision the workplace of the future, say 10 years from now? 2035?

0:27:13 - What is an emerging trend that you believe will significantly impact the world of work in the coming years?

0:31:02 - What's one practical tip that you can offer the listeners who want to begin evolving their world of work or their environment today?

0:35:13 - What is the final piece of advice you would give to the audience here about embracing the evolution of work?

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