Kirsty Nancarrow - The Power of Video and Media

Season #1

The Power of Video and Media

Kirsty Nancarrow discusses how her career as a journalist evolved greatly from radio to becoming a multi-dimensional journalist producing content across multiple platforms.

She shares an example of suburban coffee vans that provide flexibility to customers by popping up where people are on their way to work.

Kirsty explains how video training can help teams discover unique skills and collaborate more effectively through better content and a stronger culture.

She predicts the future will include more remote work, flexible schedules and work-life balance assisted by technology. Authentic videos that showcase real people are recommended.

Kirsty also provides a practical tip to start using video in businesses by attempting a 30-day selfie challenge to overcome fears of being on camera.

Show Highlights:

4:26 - How will video and media training tie into evolving the world of work?

10:35 - What drives your passion for video and media training today?

12:16 - How do you foster innovation and creativity in remote teams?

15:23 - What drives your passion for video and media training?

16:56 - How do you envision the workplace of the future in 10 years?

20:37 - What practical tip can you offer listeners to begin evolving their work?

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