Brian Elliott - How The Future Works

Season #1

How the Future Works

Brian Elliott discussed how early career feedback shaped his leadership approach to prioritize an inclusive culture bringing diverse perspectives together. He highlighted challenges leaders face in being open to new ideas from employees and avoiding past successes limiting future adaptability.

Brian provided the example of using brainwriting techniques at Future Forum to generate ideas across distributed teams more inclusively. The future of work trends toward more flexibility as the pandemic accelerated remote work adoption, allowing organizations to hire globally.

Brian emphasized building trust and weak ties through the intentional design of work and leveraging digital tools to foster innovation in distributed teams. Leaders should experiment over rigid policies and share learnings across industries to continuously evolve the workplace. Brian advocates lifelong learning from diverse sources.

Show highlights:

0:02:18 - Can you just share a bit about your journey?

0:09:57 - What do you see as the biggest challenge for leaders trying to evolve their workplace culture now?

0:12:16 - Can you give us an example? A success story or a case study?

0:16:15 - So how do you foster innovation and creativity within a team?

0:23:29 - So how do you envision the workplace of the future, say 10 years from now, 2035?

0:25:29 - Are there any emerging trends right now that you believe will significantly impact the world of work?

0:29:50 - One practical tip that you can offer to the listeners?

0:34:42 - How does someone like yourself continue to learn and grow in your field?

0:37:54 - If people want to get a hold of you or connect with you, where can they go?

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