Geoffrey M. Roche - The Heart Leader

Season #1

How Geoffrey became the “Heart Leader.”

Geoffrey inspires and equips leaders in the Eds and Meds to come together to solve the most pressing issues such as leadership, education, culture, and workforce transformation.

As a heart leader, he champions transformative leadership through empathy and strategic innovation. 'Empowering Collaboration Through Empathy' embodies his mission to unite diverse perspectives for ground-breaking solutions.

Join Geoffrey and me as we venture into his leading with purpose and heart.

Show Highlights:

0:02:09 - Geoffrey shares how a nurse CEO mentored him early in his career and inspired his focus on leadership

0:06:36 - Geoffrey discusses challenging toxic leadership in a previous organization and leaving due to commitment to improving practices

0:10:55 - Geoffrey highlights the importance of mental health in the workplace and cites the story of nurse Tristan's suicide

0:15:35 - Geoffrey emphasizes the importance of leaders engaging with all levels of an organization to truly understand the culture

0:20:07 - Geoffrey defines belonging as feeling heard, valued, and connected without judgment

0:25:37 - Geoffrey expresses frustration with leaders being out of touch on remote work vs. in-person by not understanding employees' realities

0:31:15 - Geoffrey shares he would swap lives with President Biden for a day to experience serving as US President

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