Aaron Zamykal - Making Work More Human

Season #1

Making Work More Human

Aaron Zamykal is the founder and CEO of Actualisation, one of Australia’s largest privately owned AI firms. He is based in Brisbane with offices around the world. Actualisation designs, trains, and deploys AI for companies who want to take advantage of its benefits.

Right now, we are experiencing more technological change than Aaron has seen in his 24 years in business. Drawing on his experience in several industries, Aaron is constantly making sense of what’s happening in the current climate. He believes we are at a pivotal moment in time where traditional methods are becoming obsolete and new ways of thinking are required.

Show Highlights:

[1:40] Aaron shares their journey leading them to focus on AI, highlighting their varied background and AI's potential.

[2:40] Aaron notes becoming interested in AI over a decade ago due to its ability to address declining productivity through problem-solving.

[4:08] Dave Clare expresses excitement about AI's potential to help people work less by automating tasks.

[6:26] Aaron discusses AI taking away "little problems" to allow focus on "big problems."

[7:17] Aaron envisions the future workplace with most people having an AI assistant to support problem-solving skills and decision-making.

[10:50] Aaron highlights building an "AI factory" and consolidating data as a practical first step.

[14:47] Aaron emphasizes the importance of distributed leadership and empowering employees.

[28:07] Aaron predicts the demand for creative problem solvers as AI replaces experienced roles.

[34:45] Aaron discusses the importance of personal growth and continuous learning in a fast-moving industry.

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