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My Personal Values:

Freedom from complexity

Finding joy in everything

Challenge with Intent to transform  

Make a difference 

Compassion with deep commitment 

Who is Dave Clare?

Born in Canada, my family (parents and my two brothers) immigrated to Australia in 1981 when I was just a teenager.

Since then, I have lived and worked in three different countries. Not worldly by any great measure, but I am a person who has been at the coalface of leadership for 25 years in those three countries. Mastered under many great leaders, none of which most of you will ever know.

I consumed every leadership training, program, book or other resource I could get my hands on to feed my mind.

Trained as a facilitator with two international personal and organizational development companies, I am an award-winning coach, facilitator and sales leader. I have invested over ten years in coaching and facilitating personal and organizational development programs.

My own corporate leadership experience is combined with my practical business coaching experience with small to medium size businesses and their leadership teams. I learnt from every businessperson I had the pleasure of working with, the good, the bad and the ugly. Simply, I have combined all this with tried and true leadership principles, ones that I still hold dear and use today.

Join me in my goal to create and inspire 90 million purpose-driven leaders.


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