Learn About Me

Who is Dave Clare?

This is where I’m supposed to tell you I have over 20 years experience in bla bla bla. I struggle with that because when I hear someone say it to me I wonder “Do you really only have the same years experience just repeated over 20 times?”

So what about me then? Well apart from my three amazing kids and my buddy, my pal, my ever lovely wife…I love the business of purpose. It’s taken me a long time to crystalise my thoughts around this, but ultimately everything I do is focused on this (else what’s a purpose for?).

“If you become the prophet of your purpose, you will profit from your purpose!”

I lived and worked in three different countries around the world. Yes for over two decades in public, private and social sector industries I have held increasing levels of responsibility including Multiple-Branch Management, Sales Management, Project Manager, and President/CEO. So what of it? What has it done for me? Well let me tell you!

I’m a self-confessed serial entrepreneur  that loves helping others build the business they’ve always dreamed of. There is never a shortage of ideas, perspectives or out of this world thinking when I get my hands on a concept or create a new one. 

I have climbed high and I have fallen hard. I have gotten back up again. Through this I have leveraged my studies and my own real life experiences in personal growth, goal setting, training and organizational development has allowed me to achieve and excel where others fear to tread. I consider myself a trail blazer on his own radically cool quest! 

How can I prove it? There is a legacy of accomplishments from a proven track record in measurable results. Personally I have facilitated two “World Clients of the Year” and one “Canadian Client of the Year” for a large organizational development and motivational company. I was “Sales Leader of the Year” also after developing and applying my own unique sales methodology in a traditional sales world.

I am a well known as a powerful speaker and presenter that has delivered many motivational messages to large groups of business leaders and associations internationally. On top of all that I am a trained facilitator through two international development organizations.

What I do really well is question your answers and not answer your questions. I will ask the questions you might not want to answer, or at least that very few others will ask you.

I have authored several business development and growth related programs programs. All of these will be available online by the end of 2015. To learn more, please check out the following links:

The Strategic Advance© –  Strategy is all about planning, focus and execution, but none of it matters without…Something to Believe In, Someone to Believe In and Someone to Believe in Them

R.E.L.A.X.E.D. Selling© – The more R.E.L.A.X.E.D. you are, the better you are at everything. Business to Business is still Human to Human. Shift from transactions to long-term sustainable relationships. A flexible framework for having values-based conversations. Create lasting positive impressions on your customers.

What LifE?© – Are you ready to change your life? We are currently working on an awesome new system to change your life.

LEADERSTRIP© – Stripping down how to lead people on purpose

Radically Cool Quest© – Do you want to take your life and business on a radically cool quest?


Oh and yes, this is me. I have written it on purpose.

Dave Clare