Increase your business performance, productivity and profitability

Dave Clare coaches with leaders and their teams on:
HOW TO  hack culture and strategy,
HOW TO  build invincible cultures,
HOW TO develop leadership strength
HOW TO and drive profitability on purpose.

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"Dave works with leaders and their teams on
HOW TO hack culture and strategy, build invincible cultures, develop leadership strength and drive profitability on purpose."

Keynote Speaking & Events

Whether it's a keynote, workshop, seminar or conference session, Dave is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker. He has a unique ability to make everyone feel they are the only one in the room, regardless the number of attendees.

Leadership Coaching

Business today requires a bias towards fast, aligned decision-making, flawless execution of short-term objectives, and the ability to engage, empower and inspire teams. To thrive in this new world of work, leaders must evolve

Training & Development

To increase performance, productivity and profitability you need the right people in the right roles with the right goals. Then you need to continue to invest in them to up-skill in this ever changing and uncertain world.

A Leader For A New Generation Of
Purpose-driven Leaders

G'day, I'm Dave Clare,
CEO & Founder of Circle Leadership

I am an Executive Leadership Coach & Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Published Author.

Dave is one of the world's foremost authorities on HOW TO become a purpose-driven leader and enable organizations to drive profitability on purpose. Throughout his international career, Dave has lead organizations and teams across multiple sectors and industries.

As an international and award winning coach, facilitator and sales leader, Dave know's what it takes to lead and build award winning organizations.  Many of his clients have gone on to win international recognition.

Dave  is not only the published author of SIMPLIFIED, he is also the creator of the Leadership Framework©, the Circle of Organizational Leadership©, the  Model Business Canvas©, the Culture and Strategy Advance© and R.E.L.A.X.E.D. Selling©. It has been said that Dave Clare is the most engaging and enthusiastic speakers on purpose-driven leadership today.

Some of Dave's Clients


A Companies Best Kept Secret...

Dave is a corporate entity's best-kept secret. I recommend companies absorb his content in any way they can. In uncertain times there is a great opportunity. To tackle these things people must understand themselves and each other. This is where Dave goes to work!

Levi Saunders , CEO, Digital Hitmen

Out Of The Box Thinker...

Without doubt one of the most dynamic "out of the box" thinkers in the business community!

Tim Gleason , CEO, Hybrid Logistics

Business Results Indeed...

WOW, business results indeed, Dave's leading edge thinking and tinkering in my business helped me to propel our business to leading edge and success.

Chuck Boldt , President, Principal Consultant, Health & Benefits

The Ultimate Rack Of Tools...

Dave simply has the ultimate rack of tools for any business owner that wants to build a leadership framework. From the initial engagement process with the team through to the feedback sessions for management this process delivers results. All of that plus the tool kits to create an alignment of culture and strategy.

Todd West , CEO, Glass Co

A No-nonsense Approach...

Dave Clare is synonymous with results! Dave has always given his professional opinion to better assist me in the direction I most desired. Dave is articulate and gets down to business, it is a no nonsense approach and with this comes success.

Chris Cumby , Kick Ass Sales Guy & Author of The Success Playbook

Anyone Who Is Serious About Team Culture...

We had struggled with defining our Values, Vision and Mission into something that was simple, clear and something the whole team could buy into. The approach that Dave uses enabled the whole team to understand how it all fits together and they really allowed the team to get complete buy into it all.

Justin Bourn , CEO & Founder, Blank Canvas

Keynote Speaker


Whether it's a keynote, workshop, seminar or conference session, Dave is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker. He has a unique ability to make everyone feel they are the only one in the room, regardless the number of attendees.

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