Petar Lackovic - The $2 Billion Dollar Sales Person

Season #3 Episode #3

PETAR LACKOVIC First and foremost, Petar is a loving husband and an amazing father After that, he is a highly sought-after international entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and speaker who specialises in creating and implementing successful systemised sales processes that produce tried and proven replicable sales results for businesses enabling them to achieve consistent world-class results and over has generated $2 billion in sales and revenue for him and his clients. Founder of The Sales Institute and the ‘Reverse Selling Method Petar has a unique ability to impact the growth and profitability of any business through his enhanced Sales Systems and Sales Training ability. Petar is also Founder of Australia's leading sales training programs ‘CONVERT Club’ and ‘The Sales Accelerator’, to help business owners to quickly inject cash flow into their business and replicate on a larger scale. Petar has mastered the art and cracked the code in teaching people how to sell more than they ever have before without being pushy, without relying on scripts and has had success with thousands of businesses across the globe in over 140 different industries. He is constantly being asked to share his business growth expertise to craft & implement strategies/models into their sales teams to make them less salesy & increase conversions, with companies that have included Channel 9, Mazda, ING, Westpac, Club Med, Sanity, HMV and Virgin Music, Cancer Council, Elders Real Estate and Macquarie University just to name a few! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit