Amy Jacobson - Finding Your Y

Season #2 Episode #7

When Amy was 17, she really disappointed her parents. Actually, her dad was pissed. At that moment, she decided to prove them wrong and would show them that she could be successful without going to university straight out of school. After climbing the corporate ladder and earning a "university-qualified" equivalent income, Amy felt like she had absolutely smashed her parents' doubts and fears and more importantly, proved them wrong. One month after Amy achieved her final measure of success of an executive-level title and pay packet, she handed in her resignation and notice period. Amy started to come back to her core fascination with the mind. Attending conferences and workshops, hearing speakers, gaining qualifications, being a speaker and trainer herself, and working with people each and every day as a leader, it started to become was time.  She had found her ‘y’ and it was time for me to listen to herself and act on the advice she was sharing with so many others.  This is Amy's story of evolution... ABOUT: Amy Jacobson is an experienced Emotional Intelligence specialist, passionate speaker, inspirational leadership trainer and highly sought after Coach. She works with businesses and career-minded people to achieve outstanding results, ignite passion, and develop strengths. Furthermore, Amy guides her clients on how to use Emotional Intelligence to create a clear career path to high performance and success. Amy has a burning passion and drive to see people reach their full potential, embrace their strengths and find their ‘y’. Whether it’s running a business, creating inspiring leaders and mentors or working one on one, everyone needs a ‘y’. People often describe Amy as: A dynamic and passionate speaker delivering practical tools to implement Insightful and inspirational Having a rare quality to balance IQ, AI and EI A leader that challenges others to think completely differently Amy is an Internationally recognised Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis and a Certified Level 2 Advanced Coach. In addition to this, she also holds an Associate Diploma in Management and Financial Services (Financial Planning), to name a few. With over 20 years of experience in the Corporate world with 15 of those spent in Senior positions. Her roles included transforming teams and the performance of businesses across Service Delivery, New Business/Sales, Project Management, Product, and Technical. Traveling with her husband and gorgeous children is Amy’s second love. She loves meeting people all around the world and thus experiencing their way of life and truly appreciating their ‘y’. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit