Shil Shanghavi - Chatter Chief at Chatterbox Public Speaking

Season #2 Episode #5

Shil wasn't always a sought after speaker coach, speaker and the Chatterchief at Chatterbox Public Speaking. After choosing to use public speaking as a way to deal with his stutter and fears, he turned this challenge into a business to help other people face their fears and obstacles to become amazing speakers and presenters. He is now a thought leader in the speaking industry. He is changing the speaker training game. Shil is the first speaker coach in Perth to introduce Virtual Reality as a groundbreaking tool to face the fear of public speaking. Public Speaking has always been Shil's greatest fear - so he knows exactly what it feels like when your body goes numb, your heart starts racing and your mind goes into overdrive! Despite living with a stutter, Shil has trained himself to become a professional speaker and developed an intimate understanding of how to harness and control the fear of speaking. Combining two decades of creative speaking techniques, Shil works with his clients to become confident presenters, guiding them to discover innate hidden strengths to find their own speaking style. He has developed models and techniques which show you how to control your emotions and use your experiences to craft stories, so you can deliver memorable presentations anytime, anywhere to any audience. Shil works with entrepreneurs, start up ventures, SME and ASX listed companies in Australia and Internationally and has presented or coached across most industries. Renowned for teaching intuitive public speaking skills, Shil's workshops and coaching methods teach individuals how to succeed in business and life by understanding the hidden dynamics of presenting and speaking with impact to engage and influence audiences. Shil is a Board Member for Guerrilla Establishment, an Industry Expert for WA Leaders, a presentation mentor for Impact100 WA and a speaker coach for TEDxPerth. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit