Col Levander - RatesCalc

Season #2 Episode #3

What Happens When You Cross a Psychologist, Technologist and a Publican Together? You get Col Levander. Col takes us on a journey through all his careers and how he ended up starting a tech company in the recruitment industry space. Col is a legend in the recruiting world in Australia. A lovable and personable character that lives by the motto "If you don't know, then ask." ABOUT Col has worked in the recruitment industry for nearly 30 years with 8 years specifically in technology consulting.  He has worked with boutique, national and global organisations gaining invaluable experience and life lessons to share and enable clients with these unique insights. He well known and well-loved in recruitment circles, fondly regarded for his approachability and down to earth attitude. He has successfully set up 4 staffing agencies, lived in 5 cities, 3 states and travelled extensively across the Asia Pacific region, delivering recruitment and technology solutions. Col is a subject matter expert on compliance, awards, pay rates and assisting clients to achieve speed to market & efficiencies to protect their businesses. Col now lives on the Sunshine Coast with his family and manages a global team of specialists. In most recent years, with his team, Col has he developed an Australian made, world-class, multi-award-winning application -Which is a unique software like no other. It's an application which is a quoting engine, rates management tool and payroll compliance and governance platform which has the ability to guide businesses to gain maximum profitability from its services. Soon to be launching in New Zealand, Asia and the UK. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit