Garry Ridge - Chairman & CEO of WD-40

Season #2 Episode #1

| The Consciously Incompetent, Probably Wrong and Roughly Right CEO & Chairman of WD-40: Garry Ridge | In 1953, a fledgling #company called Rocket Chemical Company and its staff of 3 set out to create a line of rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry. Working in a small lab in San Diego, California, it took them 40 attempts to get the water displacing formula worked out. But they must have been really good because the original secret formula for WD40® was perfected on the 40th try is still in use today. We are kicking off Season Two of the Evolution of Business Show in style with this LIVE #podcast. We are going to unlock many secrets...perhaps all except one...the over 60-year-old formulation of WD-40® remains a secret today, and still will after this podcast. Garry Ridge, Chairman, and CEO of WD-40 Company is passionate about the learning and empowering organizational culture he has helped establish at the WD-40 Company. I am looking forward to launching season two with fellow native Australian, Garry Ridge. ABOUT Garry O. Ridge, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Garry joined WD-40 Company in 1987 and held various leadership positions in the company before being appointed to CEO in 1997. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego where he teaches leadership development, talent management, and succession planning in the Master of Science in Executive Leadership program. He is passionate about the learning and empowering organizational culture he has helped establish at the WD-40 Company. In 2009, he co-authored a book with Ken Blanchard outlining his effective leadership techniques, titled “Helping People Win at Work: A native of Australia and holds a certificate in Modern Retailing and wholesale distribution and a Master of Science in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego. As CEO of WD-40 Company since 1997, Garry has helped re-ignite excitement and create cultures that foster break-through innovation in companies and workplaces in over 62 countries. His first-hand experiences in transforming a global brand with a market cap of $2.3 billion, as well as his deep, profound commitment to creating workplace cultures that support the individual passions of all who work there, have attracted the recognition of today’s most influential thought leaders. In 2016, he was named Igniter of the Year by Simon Sinek. placed him in the fourth position in its list of Top 10 Global CEOs in 2017. Garry has also received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Freedom at Work from WorldBlu. Most recently, he is a contributor in the Marshall Goldsmith/Frances Hesselbein book, Work is Love Made Visible: A Collection of Essays About the Power of Finding Your Purpose From the World’s Greatest Thought Leaders. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit