Steve Rodgers - Executive Zen

Season #1 Episode #9

When the universe gives you a tap on the shoulder, you should listen. Thankfully Steve Rodgers, today's guest did just that and led to a soul change. After leading one of the largest real estate agencies in America and working with Warren Buffet, Steve was riding high on the life of a C-Suite Executive. Unfortunately it was having a toll on his relationships and health. Something had to change. Steve had to change. Thanks to being coached by a monk, Steve has shifted from EGO (Edging good out) to IGI (Inviting good in). Sit back and get ready for an epic journey with best selling author, business consultant and executive zen master, Steve Rodgers ABOUT: Steve lives near San Diego with his beautiful wife Mary Lou and trusted golden retriever. When not coaching and consulting, he enjoys bike riding, yoga, meditation, and spending time with his children and grandchildren. Steve Rodgers, Author of Amazon #1 Best-selling book “Lead to Gold,” soon to launch book “The IGI Principles,” and creator of Alchemy Advisors coaching and consulting firm He is a former Warren Buffet CEO who experienced a radical spiritual transformation that has evolved into a new mission as a purpose-driven consultant and entrepreneur coach, in demand international keynote speaker, and bestselling author. Steve specializes in helping business owners and leaders increase profits while bringing spiritual intelligence into every aspect of their personal and professional lives to invite in success, fulfillment, and abundance beyond their wildest dreams. He recognizes himself as a spiritual being having a human experience whose purpose is to help individuals discover their purpose and maximize their highest good in life and business.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit