Andrew Priestley - Business Coach

Season #1 Episode #3

When you set your goal to make a six-figure income and have a nice lifestyle, instead of setting a goal for a nice lifestyle and a six-figure income you end up doing circles on a Brisbane bridge. Listen to Andrew as he shares this confronting moment that literally turned his life around. After taking on Rupert Murdoch (not directly) in the publishing and printing space (we all know who won that race), Andrew set himself on a course to a very successful business, so much so that others sought him out to coach them on how to do something similar. Now as one of UK's top Business Coach's, he is the author of four best-selling books and loves to dabble in the culinary arts. Keep your notepad and pen handy, as Andrew drops several nuggets in this episode. He shares the importance of values and purpose in his own evolution as well as learning to make better choices. ABOUT ANDREW: Andrew Priestley is a entrepreneurial leadership mentor, the best selling author of four books and in-demand paid speaker.  His company The Coaching Experience is celebrating 21 years in business coaching and mentoring. He is the founder of Leadership Gigs a global business leadership forum and he is a visiting lecturer at CASS London School of Business in Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is also the Chairman of Clear Sky Childrens Charity UK and is an advisor for The Mahler Foundation. Apart from that his side hustle is publishing business books ... and cooking. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit