Integrity Takes Balls

integrity leadership values Oct 29, 2019

Pardon the pun, but the Australian Cricket Team took their eye off the ball. What should have been an easy dismissal for a duck, the concept of ball tampering was a decision by the Captain and his leadership team. Cricket Australia ( have a clear set of values posted on their website. 

SPIRIT OF CRICKET - The laws of cricket clearly explain the expectations of how participants will behave on the field

Does it conflict with the laws of cricket on the field? YES

INTEGRITY - We are proactive in protecting cricket from threats

Will it create a potential threat to the game of cricket? YES

These are simple ways to apply your values to decision making. If done simply and correctly in the discussions, we wouldn't be in this position now.

Every conversation you have with your team should either start with the values, or bring the values into them" - A Clarism

Clearly they valued winning over everything else.

If the leadership team lead, lived and loved the values of this organization, so would the rest of the team (attitude reflects leadership) the discussion of ball-tampering would've been thrown out as fast as it was pitched as an idea. 

I would encourage leaders to push the envelope, challenge the process and ask the epic questions, but NEVER NEVER NEVER compromise your values when it comes to deciding on what to actually do.

Now Australian Cricket and even our country (as they are ambassadors) is put in ill light around the world.

Let me be clear. I am not a cricket fan. I did think this was one of the last few games (outside of my beloved golf) where the concept of a "Gentleman's game" still existed.

There is an inherent beauty in the ethical pursuit of winning and a stunning sense of humility when we don't. A great Captain, Coach or Leader should definitely be mastering the rules of the game and using them to your advantage, but cheating is cheating. 

Whether it be in business or sports, our future leaders are watching all you sports/business superstars. Like it or not, you are role models to children (the Ball you took your eyes off!). The Australian Cricket team leaders made this decision together. They put winning ahead anything else. They knew what they were doing was wrong...but still were willing to go ahead with it...just because you think you can get away with it.

When you pursue winning at all costs, it ends up costing you more than you think. Reputations and trust take a long time to recover once lost.  

VALUES. VALUES. VALUES. As a leader, or leadership team, this concept being discussed should have been run through the team or the ACF Cricket Australia values (as above) and an easy dismissal (sorry, same bad pun).

Dave Clare - Prophet for Purpose - A leader developing a new generation of leaders.

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