Understanding Of The Work We Do For Others

Are We Going Deep Enough In Our Understanding Of The Work We Do For Others?

I was watching a video by Ryan Etsis about finding happiness in pouring coffee (you can watch it below). It got me wondering about how do we see the work we do for others? Or more importantly at what level do we see the work, we do for others? Do we see it at the deepest level or only the surface?

What would our clients/customers experience be like, feel like if we went deeper in our understanding of their lives and the potential impact we can have on it through our work?

It reminded me of a situation with one of my clients. I was facilitating a strategic day for the contact centre of a large educational institution a couple of weeks back. We were talking about all the calls they handle and how they handle them in terms of the service they provide to potential new students.

I asked them who their typical 'new student' might be that they speak to on the phone. The answer was...

"An 18yo who wants to become a...
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