Integrity Takes Balls

integrity leadership values Oct 28, 2019

Pardon the pun, but the Australian Cricket Team took their eye off the ball. What should have been an easy dismissal for a duck, the concept of ball tampering was a decision by the Captain and his leadership team. Cricket Australia ( have a clear set of values posted on their website. 

SPIRIT OF CRICKET - The laws of cricket clearly explain the expectations of how participants will behave on the field

Does it conflict with the laws of cricket on the field? YES

INTEGRITY - We are proactive in protecting cricket from threats

Will it create a potential threat to the game of cricket? YES

These are simple ways to apply your values to decision making. If done simply and correctly in the discussions, we wouldn't be in this position now.

Every conversation you have with your team should either start with the values, or bring the values into them" - A Clarism

Clearly they valued winning over everything...

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