I Wish I'd Done More

A Letter Of Conviction and Commitment To The Business Owners and Leaders Who Looked To Me For Leadership.


For the past 3 years, I had the fortune to travel across Australia several times and back. I was able to speak to thousands of leaders about why and how to evolve themselves and their businesses to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the people they choose to serve.

My goal was always to bring humanity back into the workplace. ensure leaders treated their employees as humans with goals, dreams and aspirations first, and employees second.

My desire is to create an evolution at work.

I should’ve worked harder to drive home the message that we are in our generations most uncertain of times, and that predictability is out the window.

I wish I’d inspired more of you to believe that these are the most exciting of times to be in business, because there is no opportunity in predictability, but there is plenty in uncertainty.

My commitment going forward to you is...

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How To Build Your Own Camelot


Who remembers Camelot and its Knights of the Round Table? 

These were the characters in the legend of King Arthur. These were the best knights in King Arthur's kingdom. They lived in King Arthur's castle, the famous Camelot. 

Why were they were called the Knights of the Round Table? They sat at a special table in Camelot that was round instead of a typical rectangular table. The shape of the table was very significant. Most tables are rectangular, and have a place reserved for the "head of the table". This is the narrow part at the top, where the leader usually sits. However, utilizing this round table concept instead, meant that everyone who sat around it was deemed trustworthy and an equal.

Furthermore, in order to become a Knight of the Round Table, a knight had to prove they were chivalrous and trustworthy enough. The legend suggests that the knights swore to a Code of Chivalry. Much like a modern-day oath, they promised to uphold the...

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Ironman vs. The Terminator

It has become self-evident that AUTOMATION and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE will go a long way to driving efficiencies and increasing the ability to scale business. Yet this strikes fear into many employees...and leaders.

The question is...

Should we fear technology replacing humans in business or embrace it and empower humans for more meaningful work?

There are two schools of thought. Is technology allowing us to become Ironman, or are we allowing technology to become Terminators? Let's look at the difference...

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Ironman fundamentally is just a suit of technology. Tony Stark is just a human, albeit a seemingly very clever one. When Tony embraces the suit and its technology (Jarvis), he is capable of extraordinary things. He is able to leverage technology to increase his capacity as a human. Technology empowers him to do critical thinking with more accessible data and allows him to make smarter and faster decisions for the greater good....

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