Understanding Of The Work We Do For Others

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Are We Going Deep Enough In Our Understanding Of The Work We Do For Others?

I was watching a video by Ryan Etsis about finding happiness in pouring coffee (you can watch it below). It got me wondering about how do we see the work we do for others? Or more importantly at what level do we see the work, we do for others? Do we see it at the deepest level or only the surface?

What would our clients/customers experience be like, feel like if we went deeper in our understanding of their lives and the potential impact we can have on it through our work?

It reminded me of a situation with one of my clients. I was facilitating a strategic day for the contact centre of a large educational institution a couple of weeks back. We were talking about all the calls they handle and how they handle them in terms of the service they provide to potential new students.

I asked them who their typical 'new student' might be that they speak to on the phone. The answer was...

"An 18yo who wants to become a teacher."

So I asked them who do they speak to on the phone. Again the answer was seemingly obvious and somewhat given with a degree or perplexity...

"Well, the 18yo who's looking for the degree in teaching"

I went deeper and asked what kind of teacher do they most want to be?

"Most want to become primary school teachers."

So when they graduate and become primary school teachers, who will they teach?

"Well, 5 - 8 year olds mostly."

Those are the most influential years in a child's development. These world-class primary teachers will impact and influence the lives of 30+ students per year. We need to help them become world-class teachers. These students deserve that.

So I asked again, who are you speaking to on the phone?

"We are speaking to someone who will become a world class influence in the lives of 30 new impressionable young minds every year."

The last question was...how would you talk to that person vs. the 18 y.o. student wanting to find out about getting their teacher's degree?

I think the answer to this should become self-evident.

I have an obligation, a duty if you will, to help other people find power in their purpose...to productively transform the lives leaders, their businesses and the people they serve.

Go deeper...

See Ryan's video here:


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