Evolution of Business Show

Evolution of Business Show

Hosted by: Dave Clare

The purpose of the show is to educate, tell stories, share successes and learning from real entrepreneurs and leaders who are evolving themselves and their businesses to stay relevant in the hearts and minds of the...


Amy Jacobson - Finding Your Y

Season #2 Episode #7

When Amy was 17, she really disappointed her parents. Actually, her dad was pissed. At that moment, she decided to prove them wrong and would show them that she could be successful without going to university straight...
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Dawn S Kirk - Heartbeat Leadership

Season #2 Episode #6

Dawn shares her journey of evolution from learning to play the violin in a band, to her time in track and field and basketball all the way through to becoming a leadership author, speaker and coach. She has created...
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Shil Shanghavi - Chatter Chief at Chatterbox Public Speaking

Season #2 Episode #5

Shil wasn't always a sought after speaker coach, speaker and the Chatterchief at Chatterbox Public Speaking. After choosing to use public speaking as a way to deal with his stutter and fears, he turned this challenge...
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Bourby Webster - A Violist, Entrepreneur, Educator, Presenter and Producer Who Decided to Break The Rules.

Season #2 Episode #4

A Violist, Entrepreneur, Educator, Presenter and Producer Who Decided to Break The Rules. Bourby Webster, Founder & CEO of Perth Symphony Orchestra (PSO) has broken the rules in her industry because her mission is...
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Col Levander - RatesCalc

Season #2 Episode #3

What Happens When You Cross a Psychologist, Technologist and a Publican Together? You get Col Levander. Col takes us on a journey through all his careers and how he ended up starting a tech company in the recruitment...
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Lisa Messenger, CEO & Founder of the Collective Hub

Season #2 Episode #2

Lisa launched Collective Hub as a print magazine in 2013, with no experience in an industry that people said was either dead or dying. Collective Hub has since grown into an international multimedia business and...
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Garry Ridge - Chairman & CEO of WD-40

Season #2 Episode #1

| The Consciously Incompetent, Probably Wrong and Roughly Right CEO & Chairman of WD-40: Garry Ridge | In 1953, a fledgling #company called Rocket Chemical Company and its staff of 3 set out to create a line of...
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